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Why I Am A Hindu to become a web series: Shashi Tharoor.

Politician and author Shashi Tharoor’s book Why I’m A Hindu will soon be seen streaming as a web series with National Award-winning producer Sheetal Talwar as showrunner. The Congress MP will be seen doing the narration for the same.

Tharoor’s book will be seen shedding some light on the misunderstanding and misappropriation about the Hindu religion at the present time. The book is going to be seen revealing the history of the religion, core principles along with the social-cultural developments that affect the country which is directly proportional to the Hindu religion.

The book can be termed as the renouncement of Hindu nationalism, and its rise in the Indian society, which is totally dependent on the interpretation and conceptualization of the religious ethics and values which all individuals are learning from the very beginning.

Tharoor said in one of his statements: “In any time and era, the acceptance of this book into film would be relevant, however with the current political, social and cultural environment it’s important that the message of true Hinduism – the Hinduism of acceptance reach the widest audience possible.”

“I am glad that Sheetal and that i – share the same belief and we will be seen making an effort on it together,” he added.

Talwar will be seen producing in India after nearly seven years, says he gave Why Am I A Hindu a read, it startled him. “I was shamed, someone whose profession is to voice, I had not raised my voice and done something whilst the inherent integrity of our pluralism was left vulnerable. After  ‘Dharm’ and ‘Rann’, it’s after years that I even have been so excited about something like this. I’m glad that I was able to persuade Shashi to not only to make it a web series, but also ask him to be the narrator in it .”

The series can headline various filmmakers film an episode each. It’s set to be made in different Indian languages and will be released in the first quarter of 2019, the statement read.