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S1ngles is a Greek television dramedy series that airs on Mega Channel. The first season made its début, airing during the 2004-2005 television season. The series had a great response from mainly young audience. As a result of the pregnancy of actress Maria Solomou during the end of the very ...

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Oi Treis Harites

Oi Treis Harites is a Greek comedy series created by Michalis Reppas and Thanasis Papathanasiou which aired on Mega Channel from February 8, 1990 to April 20, 1992. The name Harites was taken partly from ancient Greek mythology (The Three Graces) and partly from their surname, which was Haritou.

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Ntoltse Vita

Ntoltse Vita is a Greek comedy directed by Alexandros Rigas and co written with Lefteris Papapetrou which aired on Mega Channel from 1995 to 1997. The series focused on the illegal affair between Christina Markatou and her daughters future husband. The entire structure of the show was based in which ...

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To Nisi

To Nisi is a Greek television series based on the best selling English novel The Island by Victoria Hislop airing on Mega Channel. The series premiered on 11 October 2010 to record ratings and critical acclaim. It is one of the most expensive Greek television productions ever with a budget ...

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Vera sto Dexi

Vera sto Dexi is a Greek television soap opera. Created by Helena Akrita and Yiorgos Kiritsis, Vera sto Dexi combines elements of drama, mystery, adventure and occasionally comedy. The series stars Katia Dandoulaki, Kostas Kazakos, Marianna Toumassatou, Elissavet Moutafi, Alexandros Stavrou, Iro Loupi and Danis Katranidis, among others, and aired ...

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Mazi sou

Mazi sou is a Greek drama featuring two teenagers whose only common link is their age. Two 17 year old teens who run away, one from a juvenile institution and the other from her home, and scour Northern Greece and Turkey, following the arid railroad near Maritsas bank.

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