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The trailer for 2.0 released finally: Akshay Kumar.

The 2.0 trailer was released on Saturday and since then the social media has been buzzing with the news of the Rajinikanth starrer. ‘Crow Man’ Akshay Kumar posted another picture on the social handle on Instagram and took the opportunity to share another picture from the insides of the film, “For an actor who has never worn makeup, 2.0 was a different story altogether. To get this look right, I feel I must’ve taken longer than the female actress #2Point0.”

2.0’s two-minute trailer is a small package of the bigger package that awaits for us. Every shot in the trailer is filled with tons of energy, power, and originality. Akshay Kumar plays a supervillain in the film who in the belief that if he presses the reset button is the only option by which he can save the world. Not a lot of his character is seen in the trailer although.

At the trailer launch, Akshay Kumar shared, “I learned a lot of difficult things. Shankar is a scientist and not a director. I did take me three hours and that I took one hour to get rid of the makeup. I simply saw myself on the screen, and it absolutely was unbelievable. I’m trying forward to seeing the film. I convey my regards to Shankar Sir. It was definitely worth the pain.”

After nearly 3 years in the making, 2.0 is currently ready to hit the screens on November 29.