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Neha Dhupia Going To Embrace Motherhood Soon?

We all had witnessed the secret marriage of Neha Dhupia to her co-star Angad Bedi secretly on May 10th this year. There have been rumors suggesting that Neha Dhupia is pregnant. But the couple had denied all the rumors so far.

But the ongoing reports on the social media are suggesting that Neha was all set to make an official statement about her pregnancy with her first child. But it is seen that during one of her recent press conferences Neha has denied that she is pregnant.

But it has been heard from the sources that Neha is expecting her first child. Those who are unaware of the fact Neha had recently married in the month of May to Angad Bedi. Incidentally during the promotions of Soorma Angad was questioned about his wife’s pregnancy which he had denied specially. Later when Neha was asked to make a comment on the news she didn’t reply to any statement so far.

During GQ Best Dressed event which was help recently, was attended by Angad Bedi where he was asked the same question again. Where he replied to the question by saying that:

“When it happens, we will come out and surely speak about it. First, we need to buy a house. As it is we are going in the reverse order right now. So, when we make some money and get more work, we will surely start a family too. Also, will infirm everyone about it also.”

As of now all we can conclude it we have to wait and watch for any official confirmation of the news from the couple’s end.