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I don’t want to be only confined to women-oriented films: Kajol.

Women-oriented films are gaining a lot of popularity in the film industry, however, Kajol says it is very restrictive for an actor to limit herself to only one genre.

“There are countless films which are returning our way where the central character is being written by keeping a female character in mind. It additionally should do with whether or not you wish to try to that sort of film or not. I don’t need to try to solely that sort of film. I would like to try to do everything,” she told PTI in an interview.

“There is very less good content which is being written these days. I think this is the fact that there have not been many good scripts which will be coming to you. Generally, its seen that there is no such good writing which is happening as per se,” she side.

After her last outing Dilwale in 2015, Kajol is happy regarding her forthcoming movie Helicopter Eela which is going to be released, during which she plays the role of one mother. The Pradeep Sarkar directed film addresses the difficulty of parenting and generation gap, however, Kajol says the film additionally talks regarding “who we tend to area unit as women”. Being a mother, Kajol said, there have been times once she omitted things severally as she was busy fulfilling her responsibility as a parent. “We have components of our temperament that area unit subdued, lost, sacrificed on the thanks to being an adult female, to be a mother. 2 and 3 years once Nysa was born, I had not Sat down and detected music for years as a result of there was no time for it.

“I love my music. No one stopped American state from it however it simply happened. I got into that later. We should always revisit to the items that we tend to love because it can create the US higher as folks, create the US completely.”

The 44-year-old actor is grateful to her mother Tanuja for giving her a childhood that readies her to face life in a very higher manner.

“My mother of forward thinking. I don’t think I actually have the heart to be like my mother. For her, life is supposed to be checked out and not faced. We tend to wont to discuss everything, success, failure, charity, souls, death, etc. ..nothing was taboo.

“She wants to encourage us to speak, like, ‘we area unit in a very safe place and that we will tell her something that we wish to and he or she won’t hold it against us. we tend to fail to realize it then however once sure things came in life, I understood what my mother was getting the ready US for.” Kajol aforesaid she and husband Ajay Devgn attempt to follow an analogous parenting vogue.

“Both Ajay and that I believe having an open dialogue with our youngsters. we tend to visit our children tons and keep telling them to specific themselves.” The actor is assured that Helicopter Eela, that releases on Gregorian calendar month seven, can connect with the audiences.

“…I understand it isn’t progressing to be Avengers, however, I might be passionate about it to be. The movie should be fun. The story is told in a very humorous manner, with the massive small indefinite quantity of fun place into it and at an equivalent time, there’s content. we’ve got achieved each goal that we tend to have for creating an honest film.