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EXCLUSIVE: Kabir Khan on Roar of the Lion: Never heard MS Dhoni talk about Chennai Super Kings like this ever

Bajrangi Bhaijaan director Kabir Khan is coming with an untold story of the most loved IPL team Chennai Super Kings. Titled as ‘Roar of The Lion’, Kabir Khan is making his digital debut with the Hotstar Special’s upcoming series ‘Roar of The Lion’ that will feature CSK’s captain MS Dhoni and other team players. Directed and produced by Kabir Khan, the story chronicles Dhoni’s team CSK; how they made a comeback after being banned for match-fixing and lot more from Indian Premier League 2018.

Recently, Kabir Khan in an exclusive interaction with Pinkvilla spoke about what went behind the making of the series ‘Roar of The Lion’. The talented director turned producer revealed some interesting stories about Dhoni that is sure to leave you excited for the web series. Kabir Khan also revealed that how MS Dhoni agreed to speak about the controversial part of his life and Chennai Super Kings for the first time ever.

Excerpts from the interview:
MS Dhoni is undoubtedly a “Lion” in a true sense, how it has been to be a part of something who has had an incredible cricket journey?
Fans are also a part of the story. It is not only about Dhoni and players but also for the diehard Chennai Super Kings fans across the country. They were banned but they didn’t give up on them. They stood up for them and waited for two years. They wore yellow t-shirts and went to watch other matches. 2018 when they came back, I loved the tagline, “Tell them we are back.”
Going by the teaser, the series will not only follow the human emotions of the team but also of their fans. What all went behind to bring this into a package and how challenging was it?
The story is already out, but my challenge was how to bring it out in an effective manner and how to bring out the emotions of the fans. The starting point of the show is the fact that Dhoni decided to speak about it. We have never heard Dhoni speaking about it like this before. Dhoni rarely interacts with the press. He does only during the press conferences during the matches. But suddenly, he agreed to it. He said I will speak about my most controversial and contagious issues of life. Speak in a way which is very personal, emotional and that is the USP of the show. You have never seen Dhoni speak like this ever You have never seen Dhoni speak about the emotions he went through; the emotions his players went through, his fans went through; the struggle of two years and when they made a comeback.

You met Dhoni for the series, what is the most interesting thing about him that you discovered and left you amazed? 

I did had an inclination of how he is and we all know about the captain cool and somebody who doesn’t get ruffled into any situation But what did pleasantly surprised me is that there is a very sensitive side to him. We spoke for hours and hours and what was revealed was his sensitive side That you could see the emotions despite being so cool. You could see emotions in his eyes while he was talking about the days of his matches (Chennai Super Kings). He was completely open and there was no filter and that was an interesting experience for me to be able to share those moments with him.


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Will the audiences also see other players from one of the most loved IPL teams?
It’s not only about Dhoni, but others are also a part of it including fans, team members and management. You will be seeing a lot of it.
Have original footages from the matches been used?

All original footages, it is unscripted …it is about real people; it is about real footages from the matches and that is what going to make it really engaging. Whatever you is absolutely genuine and true. We had a huge team working on the real footages.

“Roar of the Lion” will be streaming on Hotstar from March 20.

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