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Dev Patel to be seen in a film based on 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

Actor Dev Patel, who is a British native of Indian descent, recently talked about his new American-Australian which is going to be a thriller, Hotel Mumbai has unveiled that the message of the film is “you can’t bring us down”. In a recent interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the movie was screened, the Slumdog actor has talked about his character – a waiter from the slums of Mumbai who kept going higher and higher in order to assist the folks he’s is responsible for.

“Once this horrific event happened, within three weeks they got the hotel fully functioning and running in order to create the whole scenario again and then prove it, that you simply can’t bring us down, ” he said.

Celebrity Closeup: Dev Patel

Britsh actor Dev Patel was born in London, wherever he was a happy kid. He says that while he was bullied in his class by fellow mates, it had a lot to do with his huge ears than the color of his skin or his Hindu religion.

Patel continued, “We quite shared the brutality. Between one person, we might have been crumpled down, and that’s not the story of the film. It’s an ensemble. It’s about concerning everybody there in that hotel: guest, staff, alike.”

Based on the real story of the Taj Hotel during the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the flick takes place over the course of three days within the hotel, during that time most of the staff and guests worked together in order to survive.

Dev Patel received loads of praise for his last outing, the 2016 film Lion wherever he marked aboard Nicole Kidman. He was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor class at the Academy Awards for the same. Patel won the BAFTA for his role within the film.