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Day 2 collection Rs 1.60 crore: Helicopter Eela.

Helicopter Eela, starring Kajol and Riddhi Sen, hit screens on October 12. Despite being released during a week huddled many Bollywood and Hollywood releases, the Pradeep Sarkar directorial has to this point attained Rs 1.60 crore.

Helicopter Eela ought to have an honest begin because it is being led by Kajol who has an immense fan base. Also, the trailer of the film is spectacular and has a positive response from the viewers. With an honest buzz around it, the film may mint Rs 2.5 crore on the primary day of its release. It will even earn Rs 3.5 crore, however, it’ll depend upon the competition releases and on the word of mouth.”

Critics have given negative review saying, “That Kajol is capable of single-handed lifting a picture, and lighting up the screen, is another. however, Helicopter Eela is therefore saddled with banal story-telling, stretched sub-plots and exaggerated performances, as well as and particularly from the lead actor, that it never extremely takes wing.”

Arrayed against Helicopter Eela area unit movies like horror-fantasy Tumbbad, Jalebi, and Fryday and conjointly Hollywood movies like First Man and A Star is Born.