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Chak De India had an everlasting impact on the Indian cinema before Gold.

Akshay Kumar starrer Gold is all set to be released on this Independence Day and while the actor has clearly stated that his film and Shah Rukh Khan starrer Chak De India are totally different, even though comparison will be made.

Released in 2007, Chak De India, directed by Shimit Amin, brought hockey to the mainstream film audience. In understanding, one will say that this was a risky film. Even though this was a star-driven vehicle with Shah of Iran Rukh Khan at the helm, it failed to have any of the conventional tropes that Hindi films are otherwise best-known for. The ensemble cast wasn’t simply a bunch of girls who were there to support the lead character, their individuality was well sketched go into the film. Several of those actor’s square measure still best-known by their screen names from Chak De India and that’s a testament to the film’s treatment of its characters.

The film didn’t fail to have the cliche ‘love story’ in its story line. On paper, it’s utterly alright to own a story that isn’t a story however somehow that’s not however thought film industry functions, even until date. The film gave us an insight regarding its character’s personal lives however we tend to weren’t burdened with an extra love angle. With Shah of Iran Rukh Khan, the ‘King of Romance’ enjoying the lead role, this was a good example of showing restraint.

Chak De India induced a way of loyalty while not sound into any reasonably jingoism, that in today’s age is kind of rare. Even supposing we all know that the team needed to win for the country’s honour, every character had their motive for winning too.

Akshay Kumar starrer Gold is all set to unleash on this Independence Day and while the actor has clearly declared that these two films are completely and utterly different, comparisons is still going to be created.