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Aspiring to Inspire – Meenakshi Bakshi

In a world where opportunity is abundant, choice is endless and the challenge is increasing everyday,

it can be difficult for young individuals to find their way around. Meenakshi Bakshi, knowing all

this very well and having herself faced many challenges on her way to success, wishes to give

the youth a foothold upon which they can find their purpose and succeed in the world.

Dispelling the confusion that exists among young people is her forte. By grooming them and

Offering guidance and counseling, she has steered many young persons onto the right path.

Aspiring to inspire, she has also taken up charitable projects for underprivileged children.

As a result of her dreams, she has begun mentoring the young, first from her presence in the

Pageantry industry and more recently from her expertise in fitness, diet, and motivation. Such

kindred spirits are rare and it’s a testament to a humanitarian such as Meenakshi that she has taken

up the task of advising the young.

You don’t often see people acting in such a selfless way. The country and the world could do

with more of such inspirational, clear-minded individuals whose only ambition is to tutor our

future citizens.




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