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Pop star girl Gaga says the concept of fame is “very unnatural” and being popular and in all time gossips of magazines and newspapers doesn’t affect the artist but it surely changes the vies of the people and audiences around them. The 32-year-old singer, who is going to make a debut as an actor with […]

Actor Dev Patel, who is a British native of Indian descent, recently talked about his new American-Australian which is going to be a thriller, Hotel Mumbai has unveiled that the message of the film is “you can’t bring us down”. In a recent interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the movie was screened, […]

The magic series’ latest spinoff The Nun is getting to be the highest weekend opener within the cinema universe. According to The Hollywood Reporters, the Corin Hardy directorial is searching for a 42-45 million dollars over the weekend, which would mark the history as it will be the biggest opener of the entire series. The […]

Ranchi Diaries actor Soundarya Sharma has bagged a task in superhero film Wonder Woman 1984, starring Gal Gadot.   “This I will say could be a ‘dream coming true’ scenario. It’s exhilarating to be of such a big series which is larger than any life character film where you get to play your dream role. […]

According to the rumours Nick Jonas, American singer to marry India’s International star Priyanka Chopra, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, he spoke out his thoughts about having kids in future. While talking about his family goals, he said, “Having a family of my very own is that the goal. It’s positively one thing that I […]