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Actress Kate Sharma files a complaint of harassment against Subash Ghai.

Model and actor Kate Sharma have filed a police grievance against director Subhash Ghai for sexually harassing her. Ghai is among several high-profile individuals of movie industry World Health Organization are suspect of harassment. Nana Patekar, Alok Nath, Vikas Bahl, and Bhushan Kumar are a number of the opposite individuals whose names have cropped up within the in progress #MeToo campaign for misbehaving with ladies. Ghai has been suspect anonymously on Twitter also for raping a girl.

“We were friends, however, he spoiled issues between us…I ne’er expected this thing from such a legend,” Kate Sharma told reporters on Sabbatum.

In response to the grievance, Ghai claimed himself to be a supporter of the #MeToo movement and ladies management. He wrote on Twitter, “I am surely a grt supporter of d metoo movement n women empowerment bt hope that those taking undue advantage of the movement do not end up diluting it 4their own short time fame. I feel grief if some one trying 2harm my reputation.Any way my lawyers will take care of matter.”

In a previous statement, the producer had denied the allegations against him and aforementioned, “As I hear some allegation created against ME within the air from a section of media. It’s terribly unhappy that it’s changing into a fashion to malign anyone identified, transportation some stories from the past with none truth or misrepresentation, if at all. I deny strictly and firmly all false allegations like these.”