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Divaz media and Films Pvt Ltd (aka Divaz Media), is an online microblogging website that caters the database of the Bollywood industry (Indian Television and Cinema), providing the detailed info about Indian movies, artists, current events, companies in entertainment sector, and Tv shows. In addition to being an information provider, Divaz media employs microsites to the verified agents, members and companies who are responsible for managing and updating the corresponding pages and posts. Divaz Media also establishes a platform between the industry and the talents , wherein the aspiring individuals can promote themselves to the respective pros of their own fields. The site search allows for the search of movies, artists and companies, whereas the internal search allows the companies to view the registered artists profile and converse the requirements of their upcoming projects. The individuals can also search for the auditions and various jobs posted by the registered companies and apply for the vacancy.

The entire content has been filtered into 2800 different categories that segregate various genres of movies, artists, tv shows and companies. With a total of more than 25000 records excluding the details of various regional artists; Divaz is one of the biggest data dictionary for Bollywood industry. Apart from various categories, the data has also been refined for various languages, which allows the user to search for a particular group of data such as a list of all the tamil actors( tamil being the language, and actors being the artist category).

The website hosts the latest releases, top 10 movies based on user and media ranking. In addition to movies, the website also provide a detail info for all the documentaries and short films in the Indian television Industry.

Divaz also provides a detailed info about the various companies, and categorizes them as per the line of business. All the companies listed on the site are associated with the film and television industry.

Launched in 2011, with a motive to just provide the complete database of the Indian film industry, Divaz diversified itself over the last 3 years, to a fully interactive user industry portal.

The site enables any user to post the descriptions, posts, pictures with a request to replace previous information. All the data is verifies prior to the submission on the website, yet the administrator have granted the users to submit the abuse, report  over the conflicting materials. Apart from participating in the input activities, the users are also open to participate in forums for the creative discussion, provide reviews and ratings for the movies, and give aesthetic inputs.