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Aamir Khan REACTS to Kangana Ranaut’s statement about him not supporting her for Manikarnika; WATCH

Aamir Khan is celebrating his 54th birthday today and as a part of an annual tradition, the actor has invited the media for a small interactive session. Every year, he makes some or the other announcements on his birthday. He leaves the floor open for the questions. Today, Aamir Khan, at an interactive session with media, was asked about Kangana Ranaut’s statement that he didn’t support her while he was struggling for Manikarnika. On this, Aamir Khan said, “I didn’t know about it as she never told it to me. When I will get to meet her, I will ask her.”

In an interview with us, Kangana had said that no one supported her and also said she went all way for Aamir to support him at the time of Dangal and Secret Superstar. “When Aamir called me for Dangal, Secret Superstar, I went all the way to Ambani’s house. Dangal, for me, was a film about women empowerment. But they don’t have time for any of my trails. I have two-three films coming up, but I don’t expect people to write about them,” said Kangana.

We hope Aamir gets to talk to Kangana regarding the same.

Aamir is currently working on Mahabharata, one of his most ambitious projects. Shah Rukh Khan revealed in an interview that Aamir will essay the role of Krishna in Mahabharata.

Stay tuned in for more such updates!

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Kangana, maybe people don’t support you because you’re crazy, spiteful, & in always an attack mode. Have you thought about that? Just saying.


Yes it’s weird how kangana didn’t call him like she called alia?!maybe bc she knows he will handle her very well…as usual kangana just using big names to grab the attention…and aamir is not better…


After all the negativity and smear campaigning, including self-created drama, she still netted 100Cr on her own. Says something about her clout. He should have supported her film but Bollywood is a strange place.

100cr is not a big deal now. A movie of such should have cross 150cr average. So stop disturbing us with 100cr 100cr.


Anyone Who wonder what happen between them aamir didn’t like the movie anda He pull the plug China release that’s the reason kangana was salty


Thing is these people Amir an Alia just invite Kangana like they do everyone else. They don’t care if she comes or not. She is making it like they have commitment to her


Why does she is begging everyones support? As if she supports each and every Bollywood actor/actress. Kangana you just a crazy attention seeker. Anyone who comes close to you just runs away. So it’s better to keep a distance from you.


He supported her so much and because of one Film she trashes him like dirty socks. SMH.


How come you didn’t know it? All you needed to do was send out few messages supporting manikarnika. You also could have called kangana. Don’t act all innocent


They should work together!


Course he is gonna say that. Hiran’s case is deviding film family ATM.

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